The Concept

It's been said that "the Great British people have a love affair with their cars" and it's true!
The problem is keeping their cars clean and giving them the care and attention an expensive item deserves.
Those who try to valet their own cars are frequently disappointed after a lot of effort and giving up hours of valuable time.

We at Valetec+ take that problem away, giving the care and attention though our
"Valetec+ Care Programme"

Why do people adopt the "Valetec+ Care Programme?

Hundreds of new customers see our work for themselves or as in most cases family members, neighbours and work colleagues, recommend us, the best business is by "word of mouth" that's our greatest advertisement.

Many are drawn to the service by "the feel good factor" of driving a well-valeted car, which says something about themselves and are willing to leave it to the experts at Valetec+.
Whatever the reason for adopting the "Valetec+ Care Programme" they know their car is in safe hands, expert hands with Valetec+.





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